Life-Gro was developed in 2010 through our plastic design and manufacturing business, Visual Options. It was a way to diversify during the slowing economy. We put our equipment and knowledge into developing premium hydroponics system.

We began to design around function, space efficiencies, accessibility, ease of use and cleaning, and most importantly: performance. After four years of testing, growing, ups and beat downs, we have developed amazing systems.  Results and testimonials confirm that we have top notch designs and methods of construction.

Custom Systems

We prototype and manufacture everything in house. This means we can accommodate your needs.

We are incredibly committed to designing the best systems available.  We are constantly improving our current product line and coming up with new designs for future systems.  Our commitment to innovation will never change. Over the course of our development we came to realize pretty quickly that every grower has their own special way of doing things. This means that it is impossible to create a one size fits all system.  

If you have an idea for a growing system, or if your method of growing requires something you don’t see here;  give us a call, we can assist with the design and manufacture of a system just for you.  We can provide the following services:

  • Custom Prototyping and Design Engineering
  • Large scale production runs for hydroponics systems to be sold  under a private label
  • Small scale and one-off productions for grow operations of any size

Hydroponics and Manufacturing

We set out to use combine our passion for hydroponics with our deep understanding of manufacturing. The result is Life-Gro.  This is our story.

The Cloner

The KingPin